Venezuela Could Start Oil Supplies to West in Mid-2022 If Sanctions Gone, Senior Lawmaker Says

A worker walks past the Petrozuata Oil Refinery in the Orinoco oil belt in the Venezuelan eastern state of Anzoategui, February 13, 2001CARACAS (Sputnik) – Venezuela could begin delivering oil to the United States and Europe by the middle of this year, provided the sanctions on the country are lifted, Angel Rodriguez, the chairman of the oil and energy committee of the Venezuelan National Assembly, has told Sputnik. “If the [unilateral] measures are suspended … considering what we have already achieved at the moment, we could supply energy that the US and Europe need so much in the middle of the year”, Rodriguez said. He noted that in order to reach an agreement, “the US should make us an ambitious offer, because the key factor that disrupts the country’s economic situation is the US itself”. The lawmaker expressed hope that a possible resumption of oil exports to the US and Europe would not affect Venezuela’s relations with Russia.White House earlier said there was “no discussions underway about imports of Venezuelan oil.”

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