US Is Relieved, Their Targets Are Not

Congressional Democrats struck a deal with a republican counterparts to prevent a shut down of the federal government until December 3. But not everyone is happy about a fully functioning United States government.On Thursday, the president signed a bill that effectively avoided the possibility of a government shutdown — well, until December 3, at least.With the US government avoiding a shutdown, both Democrats and Republicans seem to be relieved by the fact that the US is now able to proceed with its obligations and activities, including overseas military operations in dozens of countries.However, the bill did not raise the debt ceiling, which is expected to be reached on October 18th, the Treasury Department said.Apart from avoiding a crisis, the bill also gives the state money to conduct airstrikes on targets designated by the United States as hostile, although these strikes have caused civilian casualties on multiple occasions.Will an apology help the next time an American missile hits someone’s home?

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