NATO Says Received Ukraine’s Request for International Emergency Assistance

A Ukrainian serviceman carries large caliber ammunitions for armored fighting vehicles mounted weapons during an exercise in a Joint Forces Operation controlled area in the Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, Feb. 10, 2022.MOSCOW (Sputnik) – NATO has received a request from Ukraine for international assistance in case of emergencies of a “various nature” that may affect the civilian population, the alliance said in a statement.”The State Emergency Service of Ukraine is preparing for large-scale emergencies of various nature that can affect its civilian population. In accordance with the procedures at reference, the EADRCC [Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre] has received on 15 February 2022, a request for international assistance by Ukraine,” the statement says.

The EADRCC is NATO’s primary civil emergency response mechanism in the Euro-Atlantic region.On Monday, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan briefed US lawmakers about the Ukraine situation and Washington’s offer to provide Kiev with $1 billion in sovereign loan guarantees to ease concerns of war in the country, US media reported.Putin Calls Ongoing Events in Donbass Genocide15 February, 14:28 GMTThe Russian foreign ministry earlier said that the aim of the Western hysteria over Russia’s alleged invasion of Ukraine on February 16 is to create a provocation, adding that the ground for those claims had been prepared long ago, since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, which is “actively run by the United States”.

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