Men Don’t Feel Represented by Britain’s BBC

In this file photo dated Wednesday, July 19, 2017, an entrance to the headquarters of the publicly funded BBC in London. The BBC annual report said men gave positive but lower effectiveness scores to BBC content than women in 2021. The BBC has launched an initiative to bridge the gender divide, increasing the number of female presenters and actors.BBC’s 50:50 Equality Project “is committed to inspiring and supporting the BBC and organisations around the globe to consistently create journalism and media content that fairly represents our world.”However, according to the report data, the percentage of men who feel underrepresented is higher than before. Respondents were asked if the BBC is effective in its mission to inform, educate and entertain, with 82% of women agreeing but only 75% of men.In an attempt to attract male viewers the broadcaster featured a prison drama Time with two male leads, Stephen Graham and Sean Bean. Other shows with male leads include The Responder, starring Martin Freeman as a police officer working the night shift in Liverpool, and This Is Going To Hurt, starring Ben Whishaw as a junior doctor.The BBC report has also asked respondents whether it does “reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all the United Kingdom’s nations and regions and support the creative economy”. Fifty-seven percent said the BBC was effective in its aim, while 24% said it was failing. Seventy-one percent of the polled agreed that the BBC was doing a good job in reflecting the United Kingdom, its culture and values to the world. 

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